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This spread was featured on ComicsAlliance’s "Best Sequential Art Ever (This Week)," thanks to Janelle Asselin!  From Rocket Girl #1 (#2 and the #1 reprint come out next week).

So glad for the nod—this spread, while a lot of fun to draw, was pretty difficult to come up with, orchestrate and keep track of everything.  I actually drew three hands wrong, meaning I switched left/right and had to photoshop the correct hands in.  I also bought handcuffs and a police hat to help me picture and plan everything (reference, I swear!).

Fun fact: in Rocket Girl, each double-page spread you see is done differently from the rest of the book.  Normally Brandon writes a full script and I draw it.  But with the spreads, he comes up with a general description and I figure out how to get from point A to point B.  Then he writes dialogue and narration to go over it.

They’re generally action sequences and it gives me the freedom to make the staging really directional, so that every panel moves into the next and takes you places.  It’s based on my love for Osamu Tezuka—I love how he moves the reader around the page in pretty forceful and direct ways.

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